[fpc-pascal]runtime problem

Hofmann, Norbert Norbert.Hofmann at astrium-space.com
Tue Dec 4 14:29:09 CET 2001

Dir  Sirs,

since some days I have installed your Free Pascal Compiler ( I'm not yet subscribed) and by trying to get a program started using the IDE Run menu I always get the same error. This error says ' program exited with exit code= 101' . The program code is very simple 

> program infodemo;
	writeln (' test printout');

If I use one of your demo programs I get the same error. But If start the programs outside the IDE environment they run without error. I 'm working on a Windows NT 
PC  and the hard disc where the programs are located have about 7 GByte free space.
My question is : What did I wrong, or have I something over looked what was need for installation. I had downloaded the complete Win32 file (17 MB).

Please could you give me an advice to solve the problem.
Thanks in advance.

	Norbert Hofmann  

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