[fpc-pascal]High resolution timers on linux ?

Gabor DEAK JAHN djg at tramontana.co.hu
Tue Aug 28 17:35:00 CEST 2001

At 8/28/01 02:00 PM, you wrote:


 > I think you missed the point: You can only use that kind of trick under
 > DOS, he wanted a solution that works under Linux. Under Linux you would
 > need a kernel module for that and that's probably beyond the scope of
 > this mailing-list and is not even possible with FPC (AFAIK).

The unit is not linked to DOS, it is pure hardware but yes, you might need
services that Linux does not allow for user programs. I'd experiment with
it, anyway, it might turn out that those port writes are not that important
after all (and I suppose, you can read ports on Linux without problems). I
cannot really tell because it was more than five years ago that I had
written any program on Linux but I still think it is worth a try.


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