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Quoting "Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com>:

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> > Touché, mi amigo. However, I'm currently too busy on the BeOS port.. 
> No offense Matt but you are criticizing the FPC team for doing what you
> consider to be useless unecessary modes in the compiler and then you
> state that you are porting to BeOS. 

I'm a Delphi programmer. 1.1 is amazing. I've had a play with it, and it passes 
my simple interface test :-)

At home I'm a BeOS user. I have no interest in Windows - I'm sick to death of 
it. Porting to BeOS is fun. No one cares, no one want's it (although the 
interest in it is pretty amazing.)

> I think you will find many more
> people interested in using the various modes of FPC then you will every
> find interested in a BeOS port.

Yep. I never said BeOS was popular, or that a port would be popular. It's a 
pointless waste of time. Just as the Amiga port is now. 

I'd like to see a Mac port for Power PC though. Not that I'm offering to do it, 

> My point isn't to criticize you but to make you see that while you find
> a BeOS port valuable, 

No, it's useless. BeOS is dead, but I'm enjoying myself and it gets me away 
from Windows. I'm also learning C++ at the same time.

> So in the same light please be aware that some
> people might consider the other modes of the compiler to be just as
> important as a BeOS port is to you.    :-)

They must really hate FPC if they do ;-)


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