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Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Aug 21 01:48:16 CEST 2001

> Matt,
>  > improve the compiler. But in all honesty, with a focused objective they 
> will
>  > waste less time adding 'standards' that no one actually wants. Let me 
> qualify

There is no other standard than Delphi/TP as I understand it. Only the
original Object Pascal standard was used as a free substitute for the Delphi
compability which got later polished by compiling Delphi code.

Some difference slipped in, but isn't Delphi incompatible in the sense that
it makes compiling Delphi code impossible.

> Well, it will be only one vote, not masses but as for me, I couldn't care
> less how Delphi does it, I never used Delphi and I don't intend to. For me,
> the ANSI standard with the OO extensions wins hands down. Of course, I don't
> want to urge the developers to sack the Delphi compatibility mode but I
> don't expect them to abandon the other modes, either...

ObjFPC isn't a ANSI mode. It is TP mode with Delphi extensions. 
Iow, where the TP and Delphi standards "clash", in -S2 TP wins, in -Sd Delphi.

Strict TP mode -So is a special mode that does some unportable Turbo Pascal
stuff and emulates other oddities. It shouldn't be used normally.

All other modes than Delphi don't eat up time since they are finished. (no
features are added, only features that are global trickle through).

The focus is now on stabilising the current dialect which is nearly D6
compatible for 1.2. If that isn't going fast enough; we are eagerly awaiting
your patches/bugreports/code. The remaining missing features are afaik
dispinterfaces and the threadsafeness isn't ready.

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