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Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Aug 20 21:32:46 CEST 2001

> > We support already a lot of delphi specific things in the 1.1 branch,
> > default parameters,
> > interfaces, widestrings (compiles but no codepage conversion yet), hint
> > directives,
> > varargs directive. 
> I already said that I haven't looked at any non official/development releases. 
> After all, they aren't meant to be used for anything purpousful, with words 
> such as 'compiles, but doesn't do X, Y or Z'.

But you could at least experiment with the development branch to see what the support is

> > Even some of the more ugly hacks borland added in
> > Kylix that FPC already had for a long time like assigning values to
> > enumerated values. They use the '='
> > to assign the value instead of the pascal style ':='.
> Actually, the assignment operator ':=' makes little sense, the '=' is the 
> correct operator. You cannot *change* the value of an enum type at runtime, and 
> therefore it's a constant; we use '=' to assign values to constants, even 
> assignable typed const's.
> The way FPC overloads is ugly.

Why is it ugly? Also don't forget that FPC already had overloading years before delphi
supported it. So it was delphi that changed the syntax instead of fpc not wanting to
support delphi way of overloading.

> > So i don't see what you mean with not trying to follow delphi standards,
> > we've the delphi mode for compiling delphi programs.
> You have too many modes. A TP/BP, a Delphi is all you really need.

Then you put -Sd in your ppc386.cfg and you're done.

> > And if you didn't read it yet, the 1.1 compiler is able to compile
> > Libc.pas and  Qt.pas of FreeClx with only a very small patch of adding two 
> > type definitions to Libc.pas instead of System.pas.
> Kool.. this is no use on a windows system though is it?

I just wanted to give an indication that the delphi compatibility is progressing.

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