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Mon Aug 20 18:49:09 CEST 2001

Quoting Peter Vreman <peter at freepascal.org>:

> We support already a lot of delphi specific things in the 1.1 branch,
> default parameters,
> interfaces, widestrings (compiles but no codepage conversion yet), hint
> directives,
> varargs directive. 

I already said that I haven't looked at any non official/development releases. 
After all, they aren't meant to be used for anything purpousful, with words 
such as 'compiles, but doesn't do X, Y or Z'.

> Even some of the more ugly hacks borland added in
> Kylix that FPC already had for a long time like assigning values to
> enumerated values. They use the '='
> to assign the value instead of the pascal style ':='.

Actually, the assignment operator ':=' makes little sense, the '=' is the 
correct operator. You cannot *change* the value of an enum type at runtime, and 
therefore it's a constant; we use '=' to assign values to constants, even 
assignable typed const's.

The way FPC overloads is ugly.

> So i don't see what you mean with not trying to follow delphi standards,
> we've the delphi mode for compiling delphi programs.

You have too many modes. A TP/BP, a Delphi is all you really need.

> And if you didn't read it yet, the 1.1 compiler is able to compile
> Libc.pas and  Qt.pas of FreeClx with only a very small patch of adding two 
> type definitions to Libc.pas instead of System.pas.

Kool.. this is no use on a windows system though is it?

> What is wrong with it?  Free calls the destructor Destroy. In delphi the
> same is true.

He called the destructor 'A2'.. it never gets called.. not even if you call 
the 'Free' method. *THAT* is the problem. Not in Delphi5 *or* in FPC1.0.2. 
There is going to be a memory leak in every app he ever writes if he doesn't 
start using the correct conventions. That is what I was telling him.



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