[fpc-pascal]sockets under win32

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Fri Aug 17 21:37:26 CEST 2001

From: "Benno J. Mengis" <mebso at gmx.ch>
Subject: [fpc-pascal]sockets under win32

Hi everybody

> are the socksvr/sockcli examples from fcl only for linux or also for
> i can not make them, got the impression, ssockets is only for linux.

Linux only. To do windows socket programing it's best to use the winsock
unit (e.g. from the contribs' page or the Delphi - JEDI header conversions).

> is there other example code avaiable on how to use sockets (or winsock) on
> a win32 system? any help would be appreciated.

I recommend to try "Beej's Guide to Socket programming" from
http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~beej/guide/net/ which is a imo good
introduction to basic sockets programming (e.g. sending and receiving data,
how to do a basic server).
The example code inside is written in C there should be no problem porting
it, it's pretty straightforward and the examples are quite small too (nearly
the same as the ones in the RTL docs). Additionally he focuses on the Linux
platform - but he does _not_ use any Linux specific capabilities at all
(e.g. using socket handles as file handles as it is done in the RTL docs).
A small section about the changes for the Win32 platform is included (some
additional startup code).

If you do have problems to convert those programs feel free to ask.


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