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Fri Aug 17 14:03:21 CEST 2001

Quoting Florian Klaempfl <florian at klaempfl.de>:

> >The Palm is woefully underpowered. I had a Gameboy emulator for my 
> >Handspring -
> I was talking about _serious_ applications. I agree the Palm is too weak
> for
> action games, but with ChessGenius a usable chess program is available
> so 
> you can have fun with the Palm as well :) But if I want to play I'am 
> using a real Gameboy or a PC, it's much more fun.

What I desire is a simple, portable system. Colour screen, Good Windows manager 
(along the lines of BeOS or KDE), optional keyboard, easily extendable, and 
with a built in development environment. Something the size of the Toshiba 
Libretto.. *not* a PC, not M$... a bash shell... I dream anyway.

> BTW: I think it would be better to figure out which C++ constructs
> in FPC would be required than making C wrappers. Does the BeOS
> interface use C++ exceptions or templates?

I'll look into it. I don't know off the top of my head, but I believe there is 
no use of templates. The API, as far as possible uses plain ANSI C++ without 
many extensions. It does use Multiple Inheritence in places, but sparingly.



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