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Vit Kavan vtech-fpc at seznam.cz
Fri Aug 3 00:49:38 CEST 2001

> > I program in Delphi for 6 years professionaly and I use 'Program
> > Reset' a lot and the crash-rate is acceptable.
> Today I was running the 4th day in the Borland Delphi Foundations cource
> (that's the official Borland course..) and one of my students insisted on
> using Program Reset repeatedly. The individiual in question ignored me, and
> promptly killed the BDE - running with a local Interbase Server. I rest my
> case  ;-)

I can imagine no other way to stop multithreaded application when
there is a bug in the thread and I loose control of it.

Ad. BDE: I don't use it, the last time I used it was with Delphi3
(around 400 kLines of source), now we use proprietary interface for
PostgreSQL (the only todays DB which makes sense I think).

                           Vit Kavan

PS.: enough offtopics here :-))

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