[fpc-pascal]Re: [fpc-pascal]Re: [fpc-pascal]FPC using source code from Delphi's units - Kylix

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 00:09:31 CEST 2001

> I program in Delphi for 6 years professionaly and I use 'Program
> Reset' a lot and the crash-rate is acceptable.

Today I was running the 4th day in the Borland Delphi Foundations cource
(that's the official Borland course..) and one of my students insisted on
using Program Reset repeatedly. The individiual in question ignored me, and
promptly killed the BDE - running with a local Interbase Server. I rest my
case  ;-)

I'll admit I use Program Reset from time to time, but it leaves the IDE in
such an unstable state that you'll often get an Access Violation (commonly
in one of the VCL BPL's, frequently VCL50.BPL) soon after. Maybe we have
larger apps than you ;-P, maybe we use more creative techniques, but it
happens regularly. In any one day I can vouch that the IDE will crash a
minimum of 2 times, just from writing fairly simple code. The worst case
scenario (and one that only happens rarely) is when Delphi loses contact
with the app it's debugging.. that can take Windows 9x with it. Thankfully
NT/200 usually survives.

> Ad. QT: I did a simple trick: I renamed libqt,libqtintf to
> libqx,libqxintf and a simple FPC program modifies the Kylix built ELF
> to use them :-) really nasty

That's a bit extreme. That also make distribution tricky.


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