[fpc-pascal]Re: [fpc-pascal]FPC using source code from Delphi's units - Kylix

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 00:06:08 CEST 2001

> I spent last 4 days with Kylix OE and I must say it's pain in the
> ass,
> looks cool, but IDE is crashing every 20 minutes, if you reset
> running application, the process remains

'Program reset' is not the correct way to shut the app down. It has similar
problems in Windows, friends don't let friends do 'program reset'. I'm a
professional Delphi trainer.. believe me I know what I'm talking about ;-)

Does Borland claim Kylix runs under 7.1? If not, don't expect it to
magically work. Linux isn't like Windows in this respect.

>(and is hard to kill :-( )
> and the QT dependency is really annoying, it ships with qt2.2.4 and
> RedHat 7.1 comes with 2.3.0.

Runs fine under KDE 2.1. Don't upgrade to the latest version ;-)

The truth is you have to do 'funny things' with your SO path so that Kylix
apps find the right version of QT and KDE finds it's favoured version. The
problem with Linux is that every Distro tries to out league every other
distro - release beta/non-working versions of stuff just to look 'newer
better shinier' that the other guys. This kind of problem then arises! Roll
on Kylix 2 with direct C++ linkage I say!!

>: KDE doesn't work with Kylix version
> and Kylix app crashes with 2.3.0.

I've still never had any problems with Kylix under Mandrake 7.2 ... It's a
fact of life that QT will continue to evolve. Shame for Borland though :-(

> O must say, that first impression is really bad.

I was a beta tester. I saw pretty much every version along the way. Just be
glad they didn't release Field Test 2.. lol.. that was nasty indeed. Very


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