[fpc-pascal] Re: [fpc-pascal]FPC using source code from Delphi's units - Kylix

Vit FreePascal Kavan vtech-fpc at seznam.cz
Wed Aug 1 21:49:41 CEST 2001

> I'd evaluate Kylix first. Not to put down FPC, but simply because it
> probably has more likelyhood of compiling those components under Linux. Try
> the free version, if it works, you could create a shared object, release it
> under the LGPL and link to fpc code (maybe?) I wonder how Borland would take
> that ;-)

I spent last 4 days with Kylix OE and I must say it's pain in the
looks cool, but IDE is crashing every 20 minutes, if you reset
running application, the process remains (and is hard to kill :-( )
and the QT dependency is really annoying, it ships with qt2.2.4 and
RedHat 7.1 comes with 2.3.0. : KDE doesn't work with Kylix version
and Kylix app crashes with 2.3.0.

O must say, that first impression is really bad.

                      Vit Kavan

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