Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Aug 1 11:01:20 CEST 2001

> Cool ;-) I'm not really a compiler person. I'm interested in the creation of 
> the GUI bindings however.
> > Then you'll perfectly understand that there are sometimes delays ;)
> Fair play ;-)
> > As far as I understand it Carl will shift his priorities from the
> > m68k Linux port (Pierre Muller has done some excellent work there)
> > to the BeOS and Solaris port, so probably you'll notice some advances
> > in the coming days/weeks.
> Please don't think I don't appreciate all the work you guys do. Sometime it 
> does feel like you've taken too much work on, however. It's a real shame more 
> people don't take the time to try to help out with the compiler/rtl more.

Also the help for the classes lib is really needed. 
Both compability testing as new implementations.

The core team is increasingly totally occupied by working on the core
compiler and RTL. The things beside that (FCL, packages etc) are closing the
point that they are suffering from that. Stasis is detoriation in the
computer world :-)

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