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Wed Aug 1 10:32:01 CEST 2001

Quoting Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be:

> The problem is not to obtain BeOS; The problem is (e.g. in my case)
> that the hard disk is already filled with 5 OSes: DOS/Win95/WinNT/
> Linux/Solaris. Putting a sixth means again resizing, reinstalling
> some others.
You don't need to repartition your drive. BeOS PE installs to a 500mb virtual 
partition on your windows drive. You can then boot either from a boot disk or 
by using the included launcher (which will only work with Win95/98, not 
NT/2000.) It performs perfectly well in this situation. You'll not notice a 
performance hit at all. The only real issue is hardware support.

> Carl has little time; I suspect it has slipped through; In any case,
> we want to release 1.0.6 ASAP, and we are trying to include a BeOS and
> Solaris port.

Cool ;-) I'm not really a compiler person. I'm interested in the creation of 
the GUI bindings however.

> Then you'll perfectly understand that there are sometimes delays ;)

Fair play ;-)
> As far as I understand it Carl will shift his priorities from the
> m68k Linux port (Pierre Muller has done some excellent work there)
> to the BeOS and Solaris port, so probably you'll notice some advances
> in the coming days/weeks.

Please don't think I don't appreciate all the work you guys do. Sometime it 
does feel like you've taken too much work on, however. It's a real shame more 
people don't take the time to try to help out with the compiler/rtl more.



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