[fpc-pascal]Switching to Linux

Marco van de Voort Marcov at stack.nl
Sun Apr 15 17:36:01 CEST 2001

> I am switching from OS/2 to Linux and have a couple of questions.
> First if I want to run the very latest compiler snapshot, I understand I 
> first have to install 1.0.4 and then add the snapshot right?

Stable sources: Yes.

Instable (1.1 with those extra fancy Delphi stuff): No :-)  

You'll need a  compiler binary from a recent 1.0.5 snapshot to 
compile the 1.1 sources.
> What libraries must I have installed so I won't get problems?

None directly. It depends on what libs you want to use.

The FPC compiler itself is static. Only to use libraries (GUI stuff, text 
windowing etc) you'll need certain special versions.

Some of them are approximately in the same version for all recent 
distro's(X11, zlib, NCurses).

> Finally, I am running Peanut Linux (weird name) - which can run binaries for 
> Red Hat,Debian and perhaps one or two other distros. Which one should I pick 
> ?

The binaries (except the IDE) are not really dependant on libs.

Several choices then:
1. The one that has the package manager that you like most.
2. The one that has approx. the same dir layout.
3. None, and install by hand. (The Unix way :-)

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