[fpc-pascal]Debuging in Freepascal

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Tue Sep 26 14:40:28 CEST 2000

At 14:01 26/09/00 , vous avez écrit:
>Antwort auf Mail von Pierre Muller vom 26.09.00 08:20:38:
>Hello Piere,
>thank you very much for your fast response.
>Now i have another problem with the compiler.
>If i try :
>v2prt0_ds_alias:word; external name '___v2prt0_ds_alias'; i get an error:
>Syntax error, : expectet but NAME found.
What version of Free Pascal are you using ??

   I tested this with version 1.0 and it works !

Beware that you can only use this with individual vars

   ds_alias : word;extenal name '___v2prt0_ds_alias';
must fail (but I get another error message for this !)

   You are probably using mode TP or Delphi
(either with -So or -Sd or inside the source with
  {$mode TP} or
{$mode delphi}  )
In these modes this syntax is not allowed and thus
external is consodered as a normal variable name !

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