[fpc-pascal]Debuging in Freepascal

Dirk Verwiebe dirk at verwiebe.de
Mon Sep 25 23:03:09 CEST 2000

Pierre Muller schrieb:

> This usually means that a real interrupt is redirected into protected code
> by the program.
> If this is a hardware interrupt, all code and data must be locked
> and a special selector must be used instead on the usual one.
> (see api/go32v2/mouse.inc for an example)

I think you are right, it seems to be the serial part of the program. Without
accessing the serial port the program doesn´t crash.

I had a look into mouse.inc and it is a lot of assembler code and looks very
Have i to lock every variable which are used in the interrupt function ?
Maybe it is enough to lock the code of the isr and the data buffer where the
transfered bytes are stored ?
The registers are saved by the keyword interrupt ?

Const Ktr: Byte = 0;  {These are STATIC variables so pascal doesn't }
      IIR: Byte = 0;  {constantly have to redeclare them on the heap}

Procedure COM_ISR; Interrupt;
     movw %cs:our_ds,%ax
     movw %ax,%ds
     movw %ax,%es
     movw dosmemselector,%ax
     movw %ax,%fs

   port[$20]:= $20;  {We're done processing the interrupt}
   asm sti end;

I use the async unit from the fpc unit page(Hristo Chilingirov).

Thanks for your help.

Dirk Verwiebe

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