[fpc-pascal]m68k port for Palm OS

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 15:23:46 CET 2000


About a year ago (well september '99) I started asking questions about a Palm
OS port for FPC. A few people made some noise, but no one had any time to do
anything, including myself!! I'm a consultant now, and I spend a lot of time
away, and have a Laptop, so I'm now brimming with enthusiasm (and evenings)
to begin the port!!

What I've done so far : 

1. bought a book on 68k assembler (must read it sometime ;)
2. d/l the source for the Amiga port, and after a lot of hair tearing, got FPC1.02
to compile it (mainly due to poor documentation concerning the conditional defines
required - I hope ;) (GDB;M68K;DBX, I believe OTTOMH)
3. taken a good look at Pila (Palm Assembler) with a view to using this as the
4. looked ant what RTL there was on the M68K port page.. started again from
scratch, borrowing the units that a guy called Swartjes (sorry, can't remember
first name) did for a Macintosh Pascal Compiler (Think Pascal 4.X)

I'm currently looking at the SysTrrap mechanism, as this will in effect deliver
the 'RTL' through calls to the Palm OS API.

I plan to get Palm OS 2.0 compatibility first (I own PalmPilot Pro), then move
to 3.0. I'm not planning to move past 3.1 till there's a major change, as this
is as high as I own (Visor).

Anyone who wants to help is welcome, but this is at a very early stage.. I have
nothing that even vaguly compiles yet.

I don't have access to d/l the latest version of the RTL, but if sombody (Florian/etc)
could email me a copy of the Palm specific stuff, that would be a great time

Further more - how is the new compiler backend going? Is it ready for a 68K
port? Has anyone got any plans to do this?

And while I'm at it - is anyone else working on a PalmOS port?? DOn't want to
double up work!!



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