[fpc-pascal]good news re go32v2 & win32 snapshots

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Wed Nov 29 13:08:48 CET 2000

After a few weeks during which there have been severe problems in making the
daily snapshots and during which they didn't work very well (or at all), I'm
please to be able announce that for the last few days they have all been
working again. You can find them on the fpc ftp server freepascal.org and
it's mirrors. The v11 snapshots (ie the latest compiler functionality &
implementation, the latest fixes wshich will become v1.2) are in
/snapshot/go32v2 and /win32, & the fixes for v10 (ie the rel 1.0.3 fixes,
which will become v1.0.4 )are in snapshot /v10/... Both v11 and v10 are
updated more or less every day.

There are various readmes... and also see changes.dat, which describes what
source files have changed since the previous snapshot. 

Note that when the developers say 'fixed in next snapshot' this sometimes
means 'the day after the next's snapshot', because sometimes the code
modifications are too late to go into the next day's version.

The v11 snapshots for linux (including ide) are in snapshot/linux/..., the
os2 snapshot is in /os2/.

Please keep reporting faults, eg to the [devel] mail list or to the web
site, ensuring that you quote the version (eg v10 or v11), the zip file name
from which the problem code came, eg basego32.zip, the date, and the
operating system (eg linux or go32v2 under win9x or whatever, and provide,
where possible a short piece of the code causing the fault, and description
of the fault. This will ensure that you get the fastest fix.  

Regards John

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