[fpc-pascal]fatal 9999

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Mon Nov 6 13:41:49 CET 2000

>Can anyone explain, why I encounter fatal error 9999 after falling into
>panic mode when compiling a program with -B switch ?
>It happens in the final stage, when the program is linked (I suppose),
>because the last program line is indicated to cause the error.
>However the resulting executable is created and seems to work (at least
>start running without error). So what does the error mean ?
>(I use fpc v. 1.0.2 under linux).

The error means the compiler crashed (but we catch this and convert this 
to "internalerror(9999)".

This means that you've found a bug in the compiler. Please send me (via 
email, not via the list) the code that provokes this error, so we can fix 
it. Thanks.


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