[fpc-pascal]fatal 9999

BigMatt19 at aol.com BigMatt19 at aol.com
Fri Nov 3 16:12:01 CET 2000

9999 is an internal compiler error.  Typically you would want to send all the 
information you can to the FPC developers because you've more than likely 
stumbled on a bug in the compiler.  If I'm wrong, one of the developers 
please let me know. :)


In a message dated Fri, 3 Nov 2000  4:57:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, Adam 
Naumowicz <adamn at math.uwb.edu.pl> writes:

<< Hello,
Can anyone explain, why I encounter fatal error 9999 after falling into
panic mode when compiling a program with -B switch ?
It happens in the final stage, when the program is linked (I suppose),
because the last program line is indicated to cause the error.
However the resulting executable is created and seems to work (at least
start running without error). So what does the error mean ?
(I use fpc v. 1.0.2 under linux).

I'll be very thankful for any response,

Adam Naumowicz

WWW: http://math.uwb.edu.pl/~adamn/

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