[fpc-pascal]Beginning to use freepascal!

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Thu Dec 7 17:18:56 CET 2000

>I wrote a file and saved. But when I press F9 or ALT+F9 the following
>sentence apear:
>seila.pas(3,1) Fatal: Can't find unit SYSTEM

Set the target in the Compile menu to win32 instead of go32v2. This will 
be fixed in the next release.

You may at once get a 1.0.3 compiler and IDE snapshot, since they both 
have much improved since the last release. You can get them from 
<ftp://einstein.brain.uni-freiburg.de/pub/fpc/snapshot/v10/win32/>, get 
both basew32.zip and idew32.zip. Read "ide-etc-read.txt" for installation 

>I'll be very glad if anyone answer my question. Special thanks to
>Michael Van Canneyt for the response of my other question and more one
>for him: what is AFAIK ?!

As Far As I Know.


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