[fpc-pascal]Need help on LinkLib

Andre Wohnig a.wohnig at thiesen.com
Thu Dec 7 12:16:31 CET 2000

Hi all!

I want to Link a library to my program. I tried "{LinkLib gpiblib.a}".
In this library it exists a function "int ibfind(char *name)".  Therefor
i insert the following line into my interface section in my unit:
"Function ibfind(name : PChar) : LongInt; cdecl; external".
I tried to use it with "nr := ibfind(device);" where nr is a LongInt and
device is PChar. When i try to run the program i get the following
error: "Error: undefined reference to `ibfind' "

What i am doing wrong? Could somebody help me?

I will be verry thankfull for every help i can get.


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