[fpc-pascal]Need help on LinkLib

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Dec 7 15:23:00 CET 2000

> This seems to be the right way. I changed the line to "Function ibfind(name
> : PChar) : LongInt; cdecl; external ´gpiblib.a´  ". The "undefined" error don´t
> appear annylonger. But now i get a lot of other errors like
> "/usr/src/linux-gpib/lib/ibFind.c(36) Error: undefined reference to `getenv' ".
> I think i have to set a path varable or something like that. Or must all the *.c
> files in the same directory with my program (but i think this could not be the
> answer)?
> Any suggestions?

The problem is that the library you are using (ibfind) uses other 
libraries, and the linker can't resolve the references to those libraries.

The missing library is probably C's runtime library, so try {$linklib C} 
just below the other $linklib  directive.

Marco van de Voort (MarcoV at Stack.nl or marco at freepascal.org)

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