[fpc-pascal]Need help on LinkLib

Johann Glaser Johann.Glaser at gmx.at
Thu Dec 7 14:32:29 CET 2000

Hi Andre!

> This seems to be the right way. I changed the line to "Function ibfind(name
> : PChar) : LongInt; cdecl; external ´gpiblib.a´  ". The "undefined" error don´t
> appear annylonger. But now i get a lot of other errors like
> "/usr/src/linux-gpib/lib/ibFind.c(36) Error: undefined reference to `getenv' ".
> I think i have to set a path varable or something like that. Or must all the *.c
> files in the same directory with my program (but i think this could not be the
> answer)?
> Any suggestions?

As FPC does not compile C-files I think, this error is coming from the

I assume that you will need to link a few more libraries to your program
to get gpiblib running. Please look in the documentation of it which
libraries you have to link with a normal C program when using gpiblib.
There you might need the same libs as for FPC.


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