[fpc-pascal](no subject)

Kuba Ober winnie at hoth.amu.edu.pl
Sat Dec 2 22:59:53 CET 2000

> The memory is adressed with one 32 bit pointer, no more segment:offset
> things. The only thing like this are the selectors. Can someone explain
> this? I don't know how this works excactly -> 1x 32 Bit pointer or 2 either
> (for selector:offset??)

The pointer is offset and selector taken together. An offset by itself means 
nothing, a selector by itself means nothing as well. A selector is used to 
give the offset a meaning, and only together shall they be used, for there's 
no use when they are 'part, only sigsegv :-)

Take that l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y if you don't otherwise want to delve into i386 
specs. Selectors are 16 bit only on all architectures which use selectors, as 
there is hardly need for more than 65535 selectors. Offsets are 32 bit on 32 
bit machines.


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