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Tobias Hermann tobih at mayn.de
Sat Dec 2 21:33:06 CET 2000

Free Pascal producec 32 Bit code, no more 16 bit. The Cpu gets switched to
protected mode, no more real mode --> do no more the old 640 kb or 1 MB
memory model with XMS or EMS for accessing memory > 1MB.

The memory is adressed with one 32 bit pointer, no more segment:offset
things. The only thing like this are the selectors. Can someone explain
this? I don't know how this works excactly -> 1x 32 Bit pointer or 2 either
(for selector:offset??)

You can allocate memory blocks nealry as you want, no more 64k limitations.
You can create very big arrays, all no problem!


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> Hi,
> I'm programming in Turbo Pascal for Dos for about 2 years. But I have some
> problems with allocating memory. I have read there's almost no problem
> allocating memory in FreePascal by using a Dos-Extender (windows like).
> how can I do this? Can someone send a example or some explanation?
> Thank you in advance...
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