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Mon Apr 24 01:56:34 CEST 2023

Am 2023-04-22 um 19:55 schrieb HSN via fpc-other:
> Hi Graemeg thanks for visiting. I wish you had seen the topic which
> explains how to get in the invite list without an email. I’m sorry
> about that.

This line does not resolve any sort of a certain problem - and even if
it would (but it does not), it would only apply to the named single person.

> I’m very disappointed in the crazy talk I’ve found in here.

That does not buy anything. It expresses some sort of personal feeling.
Its neither an apology nor a promise to improve anything at all.

> Since when is it ok for some stranger who has absolutely nothing to do
> with #fpc channel to come along and demand ownership of our channel
> that we use talk about our fpc coding everyday?

The internet is full of strangers - and as long as its reasonable to a
degree to assume its a true human, you should treat it as a human. period.
Dont ask others - ask yourself. If you already need the opinion of
others about humanity and human acting, then you give me the feeling you
are having an obvious deficit in that respect.

Dont do rabulistics, dont do rethorics. Stay for yourself. A good
reputation is something that you have to work for as long as your life
lasts. I feel you are expecting those channel your buddy club for nice
talk, like young people at high school might sometimes have. Later life
is a social skills level more advanced than those age stage i mentioned
just before.

> This is insanity. He has no business there besides to cause trouble. I
> see no evidence that he even programs in pascal. He has his own
> channel is he jealous that he can’t get members or something? I don’t
> know.
Feelings again. To me it sounds even more paranoia than i have found in
the previous discussions.
Fact driven decisions would be what a moderation task in an open system
would require to carry out. Giving good proof of such facts would pull
you out of the problem - but no visible efforts to me you even want to
try that. That gives me the impression, that you cant because you dont
have. Why go the way asking others, whilst having all good reason in
your hand? Because you dont have...!?!
(Side node: A closed system has a different rule set. There you can have
a gatekeeper role - there you can check IDs, there you can claim its
'your club'. IRC is open. Period.)
> Why would anyone take this person seriously? I don’t want to associate
> with anyone who takes him seriously I’ll tell you that.
You dont want to put any cent of efforts in cooperation? It seems to be
a fixed pattern for you to NOT cooperate, to not explore further, to
close the lids instead, to kick people off that you feel(!) bothered in
some way. Yes, the steady stream of new people joining an IRC channel is
a burden, a load, something that will try to "depress" you. Either you
can stand it, or you cant. Again said, its an open system by its current
design and setup - because its purpose demands it. The question is, why
are the others getting evicted when just speaking up - but not even the
idea of you being the single point of problem gets a single sentence of
discussion, of serious thought. What shall i say? You are going to ask
why others would take a person seriously. Because they do something that
you are looking to be not capable of. And now... anyone shall follow
that your in-ability... - well it sounds like you cannot... you can not
cope with people in a way needed to go for an admin job.
> I hope the people lurking are more sensible than some of the people
> talking in here. If anyone wants to be part of a nice fpc community in
> irc where trolls and Spybots are not allowed Please come join us in
> #fpc on Libera. If our channel gets hijacked don’t worry I will help
> you find where we moved to and make The new channel even better.
Lurkers are the silent people - so you are sort of claiming the silent
people to be on /your side/. Something like "i have the silent majority
on my side" is the BS that i found in Q-Anon circles by the dozend - but
it violates any sane logic. Thats nothing but a pure rhetoric's
non-honest trick and strategy, again. Its just filling some characters
in - with no substance at all.

You have lost the point - you need the active people on your side. But i
cant see any valid efforts from your side to convince, to provide proof,
to put anything on the desk that would clean up the raised subject.
Instead i see you flee to some sort of a future - whilst the struggle of
today is just forgotten. - Nope, the topic was about how to clean up.
You don't contribute anything at all to that.

Instead your lines to read like, if anything goes wrong, and you
probably have strong reasons to assume something like that, then you
will be over there. That's advertisement of a concurrent media. So you
are already claiming your self to be guilty enough to be in such needs.
Okay, if you want to tell the world you are guilty. Why not undertake a
clear hand-over step now? Reminder: a good reputation is something you
have to work for a life span. Its up to you to have this part of your
life gained a +/-0 instead of a -2 rating.

> I have come here and given all the information needed for intelligent
> people to decide if joining an irc channel run by me is a good option
> for them or not. If the People in channel were not  happy with me they
> would have left a long time ago. They aren’t hostages you know!
I have read all notices - and sorry, there was nothing that would
qualify as information needed. Sorry, that you are now indirectly
calling all folks hear as insufficient intelligent. One more line of
pure rhetoric from the hand book. Is joining an IRC channel run by you a
good option? Its not the question of who is staying but its the topic of
a bigger bunch of people having been excluded from the channel under
circumstances that are strange to the people that spoke up here. Also
statistics on the channel and also proof from other IRC system educated
people show that there is something going on that is not at all a normal
thing. Its not about the number of people that are happy but its the
subject of people that are unhappy. Its about fixing what went wrong -
instead of sitting on a heap of things that have not failed. Its about a
culture like in coding where you can create a bug any time, but later
have to find and fix it. You cant drive a business for long if your RMA
is just kicking off the end users. - Yes again, its your rhetoric
attempt to put a claim on a third party that is only a nearby but
subject unrelated group. Nope, i feel shamed for you, as doing so is
again not the right thing to go for - at least its nothing i would
consider honest.
> See you in irc or forums I’m done with this mailing list. Thank you
> for reading and have a nice day :)
Have fun wherever you want to go now.
Your decision is clear - feed the audience here with some rhetoric and
admit nothing and neither clean up anything that you might have spilled.
You are doing the wrong thing. Trust and confidence in your past and
present actions wont be not created by that.

Your future will come for you - with that burden still on your back.
Today was the right time and best chance to get it off - you simply
missed that chance.

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