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Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Fri Apr 21 02:35:22 CEST 2023

HSN via fpc-other said on Wed, 19 Apr 2023 23:03:51 +0000

>Hi everyone
>I have helped nikolay moderate the #fpc channels for years since it
>had become unusable due to trolls back on freenode .
>First I want to clarify regarding the #fpc channel rules
>1. Lurkers - pascal programmers can lurk all they like. Strangers with
>unknown intentions cannot. 

By definition, lurkers are not damaging, regardless of their intentions.

2. Purpose - the channel is for people who
>use and want to talk about creating projects with fpc and Lazarus
>Delphi programmers are also welcome 

That's reasonable.

3.Pascal: people in channel are
>expected to have at least beginner level proficiency in pascal
>language so that they can understand what is happening and
>participate. People who don’t know pascal can visit #pascal and
>utilize the resources in topic. 

Here we have to define beginner level proficiency. Somebody in their
second week of a Pascal class? Somebody who is pretty good with
procedural Pascal but iffy about Pascal OOP and all these millions of
new flags and types?

Also, there are only 17 people on #pascal, which makes getting
questions answered in a reasonable time much less probable.

4. Bots: bots are allowed only with
>permission from channel owners. This includes chatbots. 

Completely understandable, but somebody should be assumed carbon based
until proven bot. And heck, if the bot is ontopic and helpful, what's
the difference?

>chat:When no technical discussions are happening, sensible pleasant
>off topic chat is both allowed and enjoyed. 

Sounds good to me.

6.Sincerity: channel
>members are expected to demonstrate sincerity and post questions that
>channel members were unable answer in forums or mailing lists if asked

Thanks for letting us know. I often wait 2 days and then repost if no
answer. I'll try to remember not to do that if I'm ever allowed back on

7.Joining:the #fpc requires users to be logged into account to

Do you mean logged into libera.chat? If so, of course.

> however I can add your IP address to the invite list so that
>you can join without an account if you prefer. 

8.Introduction: please
>tell me who are and how you found channel when you join. It makes my
>life a lot easier. 

Unfortunately, I found the channel via the thread on the moderation of
#fpc. I love IRC, and if this mess ever gets fixed I'd love to post
short, simple FPC questions on IRC, saving the more complicated ones
for email. On most IRC channels, I also help people when I know answers
or next steps.

>I don’t want to accidentally ban you because of
>some misunderstanding. 

> 9. Culture: Friendly and helpful. Rude People
>who engage in harassment will be shown the door.

Here we have to define rude. On the mailing list I admin, we don't
allow personal insults, insults to groups of people, insults to Linux
(after all, it's a Linux group mailing list), and long and frequent
occurrences of posts obviously intended to start arguments. So far,
since 2004, I've banned three people, issued less than 10 warnings, and
once I threw the whole list under moderation to stop a rapidly
escalating flame war.

I think as a moderator you also have a responsibility to behave in a
way that doesn't make people feel like they're walking on eggshells and
worry that a question or an answer might get them reprimanded or banned.

>I cordially invite all pascal programmers who are able to abide by
>these rules to join us

That's me, and in my opinion all the people in this thread who have
been banned from #fpc. Why don't you unban us all and we can all start


Steve Litt 
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