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Fri Apr 21 01:23:17 CEST 2023

geneb via fpc-other said on Thu, 20 Apr 2023 06:15:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi geneb,

Please pass this on to HSN, whom I assume is Joanna...

>On Wed, 19 Apr 2023, HSN via fpc-other wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I have helped nikolay moderate the #fpc channels for years since it
>> had become unusable due to trolls back on freenode .

Trolls don't lurk, so why the antipathy for lurkers Joanna?

>> First I want to clarify regarding the #fpc channel rules
>> 1. Lurkers - pascal programmers can lurk all they like. Strangers
>> with unknown intentions cannot.  
>Why not?  If they're just lurking, they're not impacting anyone.

Also, I made tens of thousands of dollars with both Whitesmith Pascal
and Turbo Pascal last century, but this century I just do Pascal every
few months. So am I a Pascal programmer? If there's a Pascal aptitude
test to qualify for #fpc, please point me to it so I can cram and pass
the test.

>> 8.Introduction: please tell me who are and how you found channel
>> when you join. It makes my life a lot easier. I don’t want to
>> accidentally ban you because of some misunderstanding.  
>This is literally none of your business.  You banned me as "rude" when
>I said as much.

Furthermore, if not answering your questions is a bannable offense, you
should say so in the /topic. Not in a web page pointed to /topic, but
in the /topic text itself. As a matter of fact, that topic should list
all the bannable and kickable offenses, so we know you're not making up
rules as you go or engaging in selective enforcement.

Also, as I remember (I can no longer access #fpc), there were many,
many channel operators. Why should I pay attention to *one particular*
chanop who interrogates me? If there's a bannable rule that I must
answer a chanops questions, this should have been stated in /topic.

One more thing Joanna. Your reputation precedes you. I felt less likely
to run afoul of the channel rules if I didn't respond to you, and more
likely to run afoul of the channel rules if I engaged with you. But
that's a moot point, because I was away from my desk, so I *couldn't*
have responded to either your public or private questioning.

>> 9. Culture: Friendly and helpful. Rude People who engage in
>> harassment will be shown the door. 
>...or don't kowtow to the demands of the empress.

I was not unfriendly. I harassed nobody. I already said why I didn't
engage with you.

As far as friendly and helpful, how friendly were you, Joanna, by
saying publicly that you couldn't coinhabit a channel with somebody who
had written what I did on a *mailing list*? Joanna, you should unban
everyone you've banned in the past 2 years, and then permanently step
down from your chanop status. Your chanop activities are hurting the FPC
project and the Pascal language itself by making it difficult to
comfortably access IRC help for FPC. I'm "lurking" on the #C channel
right now, nobody's interrogating or hassling me, and to tell the
truth, C isn't that bad except you need to free all your allocations,
take steps not to overrun any buffers, and initialize all your
variables and pointers. Valgrind is a great help in this. Your chanop
actions make the FPC alternatives start to look pretty good.

It could be said that my words in this post aren't friendly or helpful.
Friendly, no. My words are a little harsh, which I think is
called for by the situation, because they're the truth. Your
words on #IRC and here are probably less friendly than mine. Helpful? If
you unban everyone, step down as a chanop, and just enjoy the language
you love, it will help everyone.

>Check out the Unofficial Free Pascal Discord server here: 
>(Much Pascal, no interrogation.)

geneb, years ago I made a policy decision not to work with discord,
but I'm now re-thinking that policy, in light of the fact that I can't
currently get help on the IRC channel assumed by most to be the
official FPC channel. I'd like everyone to know that there's now
#fpc-alt for ontopic and ##fpc-alt for offtopic.

writeln('Give everyone a break and step down, Joanna.');


Steve Litt 
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