[fpc-other] Android API functions better quality for Pascal

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Fri May 22 15:35:00 CEST 2020

How much time would take The most experienced programmers from us to create
really complete Pascal headers for ANdroid APi functions. I Am aware, that
it is impossible to provide evey new APi function when GOogle will introduce
some. But there should be An compromise solution.
Generate rather two or one really complete Android APi functions for Pascal
than making too much with issues inside it.
For example. Generate Android 16 and 29 or 28.

The question is, if PPCJVM contain all necessary constructs and commands or
data types list to reach this goal.
I think, that if MR Maebe, MR Bart and MR Swianovicz could cooperate
together on this complex task, there could be fully completed Android Pascal
header files for Android 16 and Android 28 or 29.
Sure. There is also simple solution. Using PPCJVM only to create apps
without Android APi functions calls and use. But this would be sad. In this
case, app can only receive input from virtual keyboard or from Physical and
can work with files. But no sound, if somebody will not use some external
.so library from Pascal source.
I Am sure, that there are more than 3 professionals here, who would be able
to create those Android APi pascal headers which will be completed.
I think, that starting with Android 16 would be A good idea, becuase there
are no so much coe like in Android R28 or 29.
It is sad, that GOogle did not release automated solution.
I think, that even Java or Kotlin programmers would be very engry, if
somebody of them would be forced to find complex solutions to generate
Android APi headers for his project himselves.
Thank you very much for yours thinkink.

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