[fpc-devel] Questions regarding m68k-atari target

Thorsten Otto admin at tho-otto.de
Sat Jan 29 14:09:01 CET 2022

On Samstag, 29. Januar 2022 13:13:08 CET Karoly Balogh wrote:
> . I think this is the main issue, as
> I've seen GEMDOS has special calls for console I/O which are not being
> utilized now.

Yes, but when using standard handles 0 and 1, Fread() should work the same. 
There should be no need to call the specialized functions there, but handling 
of reading from console may need some work. 

>Again, this isn't a generic problem, but Atari specific.

Yes, but theoretically, win32 should have the same problem. As far as i've 
seen, ReadFile() is used there. but fpc_readln_end() tries to read until it 
encounters a LF, and pressing return only gives a CR, not a CR/LF sequence.
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