[fpc-devel] I've asked this before, but perhaps I wasn't specific enough that time: what do I *personally*, specifically need to do to ensure that a native Windows 64-bit build winds up on the FPC website for the next release?

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>> To be very clear, to me, this is absolutely nothing more than just a
>> matter of building the compiler completely normally. It takes like two
>> minutes all-in. I don't really get why the person who uploads the 32-bit
>> Windows builds currently doesn't just also upload 64-bit ones. They could
>> even just use the native 64-bit builds Lazarus already includes. Anyways,
>> yeah. I'd like to actually make this happen, next time around.
> There is already a combined 32-/64-bit download available since 3.2.2. We
> *won't* provide a pure, native 64-bit download for Win64, because the
> x86_64-win64 is not suitable for other x86_64 targets or for compiling a
> i386 or i8064 cross compiler due to the missing Extended support. Until FPC
> provides the necessary code to emulate 80-bit floating point we simply
> avoid this potential headache by not providing it.
> As this has been discussed ad nauseam already, this decision is not up for
> discussion.
> Regards,
> Sven
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Explicitly *not *wanting to provide a native x86_64 bit build was not ever
mentioned by anyone previously in any discussion I was involved in
actually. Quite the opposite IIRC. I also fail to see how that makes any
sense, personally. It just means continuing to tell everyone who wants
native Win64 (which is very many people) "either download Lazarus or use
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