[fpc-devel] Peephole optimizer tai class change proposals

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Thu Oct 7 12:57:32 CEST 2021

Just made some more additions, this time introducing some fundamental 
extra optimisation information classes that I can see myself using right 
off the bat.


I plan to use the tai one for pointing jumps to labels, a simple Boolean 
one for flagging potential label removals in some optimisations that may 
be difficult to justify without such information (see some of my 
previous e-mails) and the Register/value pair for tracking known 
register values.

Gareth aka. Kit

On 06/10/2021 05:20, J. Gareth Moreton via fpc-devel wrote:
> Would you approve something like this, Jonas?  I admit it's not 
> properly tested yet, but I'm descending from TLinkedListItem (and the 
> descendant class can itself be descended from) and the TAOptObj class 
> handles allocation and cleanup of extra information.  I'm not sure how 
> practical it is, but I'm taking advantage of the linked list system by 
> allowing tai objects to have more than one extra information object 
> associated with it.
> https://gitlab.com/CuriousKit/optimisations/-/compare/main...opt-info-list?from_project_id=29565238 
> I hope you can view it!
> It might be worth changing the defintion of optinfo from Pointer to 
> TExtraOptInfo (the TLinkedListItem descendant), but I don't know if 
> this may break something that's already present.
> One thing I did miss was a "typ" field for TExtraOptInfo so you can 
> look up to see what kind of object it is without relying on ClassType 
> etc, but I don't know where and how to define such an enumeration 
> because the different types would be platform-dependent.  All I can 
> think of currently is an include file for each platform, which comes 
> with its own problems.
> Gareth aka. Kit

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