[fpc-devel] tkLString vs tkAString

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.nl
Tue Nov 30 13:14:35 CET 2021


I ran into an issue with a piece of ported Delphi (6) code and RTTI. 
Part of the Delphi code was based on strings with a RTTI type tkLString 
where in FPC the type appeared to be tkAString. Fixing this was easy, 
but it made me wonder what the difference is between them.
 From the documentation:
  Source position: rttih.inc line 22
   type TTypeKind = (
   tkLString,  Longstring property.
   tkAString,  Ansistring property.

So there is apparently a LongString type and an AnsiString type. However 
if you search (google) the documentation on LongString, you only find 
references to AnsiString.

My question: What is the difference (if any) ?


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