[fpc-devel] Github hosting of FPC utilities and [stable] sources

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 22 07:40:41 CEST 2020

Am 22.10.2020 um 02:07 schrieb Michael Fuchs via fpc-devel:
> Am 15.10.20 um 22:13 schrieb Florian Klämpfl via fpc-devel:
>> What use case do you have for svn? Maybe it's possible to offer another
>> way to access things like rsync?
> Read log entries and changesets without downloading the whole
> repository. Git cannot do this. But this is only a secondary problem and
> I can do without it. Please don't invest any work in it.

You can do that on both the GitHub and GitLab pages as well. You'll need 
to use a browser instead of using a command line however. There should 
also be URLs that you can use to retrieve the differences of a commit as 
a raw diff, though you'll need to look that up.


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