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Op 2020-10-18 om 23:03 schreef Jonas Maebe via fpc-devel:
>>//>>>/I’ve been able to create a cross compiler using the guidance and some />>>/additional information.  But I’ve been unable to create the proper FPC />>>/startup code (prt0.as) needed. />>>//>>>/Any help would be appreciated. />>/I believe these files are generally created by disassembling the />>/system's crt1.o (objdump -d) and then changing the call(s) to the libc />>/intialisation code with calls to the FPC RTL intialisation code. />Afaik mostly gcc -S.  Trunk SVN also contains an untested and incomplete 
>attempt at translating the C startup files to pascal.


I think I maybe in over my head on this. I've taken a look and now I'm not sure what the issue is.  The
segfault occurs in the FPC RTL initiazation code (see backtrace below).

Any ideas?

root at blackbird:/usr/ports/tmp/fpc-powerpc64/lib/fpc/3.2.0 # gdb ./ppcppc64 ppcppc64.core
GNU gdb (GDB) 8.3 [GDB v8.3 for FreeBSD]
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This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
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This GDB was configured as "powerpc64-portbld-freebsd12.0".
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For bug reporting instructions, please see:
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Reading symbols from ./ppcppc64...

warning: core file may not match specified executable file.
[New LWP 100454]
Core was generated by `./ppcppc64'.
Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x7c0802a6fbe1fff8 in ?? ()
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x7c0802a6fbe1fff8 in ?? ()
#1  0x000000001001fed8 in $fpc_initializeunits () at ../inc/system.inc:969
#2  0x0000000010000720 in $main () at pp.pas:256
(gdb) disass
No function contains program counter for selected frame.
(gdb) frame 1
#1  0x000000001001fed8 in $fpc_initializeunits () at ../inc/system.inc:969
969	         Procs[i].InitProc();
(gdb) disass
Dump of assembler code for function $fpc_initializeunits:
    0x000000001001fe60 <+0>:	mflr    r0
    0x000000001001fe64 <+4>:	std     r31,-8(r1)
    0x000000001001fe68 <+8>:	std     r30,-16(r1)
    0x000000001001fe6c <+12>:	std     r29,-24(r1)
    0x000000001001fe70 <+16>:	std     r28,-32(r1)
    0x000000001001fe74 <+20>:	std     r0,16(r1)
    0x000000001001fe78 <+24>:	stdu    r1,-128(r1)
    0x000000001001fe7c <+28>:	bl      0x10002768 <fpc_cpuinit>
    0x000000001001fe80 <+32>:	nop
    0x000000001001fe84 <+36>:	addi    r3,r2,15080
    0x000000001001fe88 <+40>:	ld      r28,0(r3)
    0x000000001001fe8c <+44>:	cmpldi  r28,1
    0x000000001001fe90 <+48>:	blt     0x1001feec <$fpc_initializeunits+140>
    0x000000001001fe94 <+52>:	li      r31,0
    0x000000001001fe98 <+56>:	addi    r3,r31,1
    0x000000001001fe9c <+60>:	mr      r31,r3
    0x000000001001fea0 <+64>:	rldicr  r4,r31,4,59
    0x000000001001fea4 <+68>:	addi    r3,r2,15080
    0x000000001001fea8 <+72>:	ldx     r3,r4,r3
    0x000000001001feac <+76>:	cmpldi  r3,0
    0x000000001001feb0 <+80>:	beq     0x1001fedc <$fpc_initializeunits+124>
    0x000000001001feb4 <+84>:	rldicr  r4,r31,4,59
    0x000000001001feb8 <+88>:	addi    r3,r2,15080
    0x000000001001febc <+92>:	ldx     r29,r4,r3
    0x000000001001fec0 <+96>:	ld      r30,0(r29)
    0x000000001001fec4 <+100>:	std     r2,40(r1)
    0x000000001001fec8 <+104>:	mtctr   r30
    0x000000001001fecc <+108>:	ld      r2,8(r29)
    0x000000001001fed0 <+112>:	ld      r11,16(r29)
    0x000000001001fed4 <+116>:	bctrl
=> 0x000000001001fed8 <+120>:	ld      r2,40(r1)
    0x000000001001fedc <+124>:	addi    r3,r2,15080
    0x000000001001fee0 <+128>:	std     r31,8(r3)
    0x000000001001fee4 <+132>:	cmpld   r31,r28
    0x000000001001fee8 <+136>:	blt     0x1001fe98 <$fpc_initializeunits+56>
    0x000000001001feec <+140>:	addi    r3,r2,18272
    0x000000001001fef0 <+144>:	ld      r3,0(r3)
    0x000000001001fef4 <+148>:	cmpldi  r3,0
    0x000000001001fef8 <+152>:	beq     0x1001ff20 <$fpc_initializeunits+192>
    0x000000001001fefc <+156>:	addi    r3,r2,18272
    0x000000001001ff00 <+160>:	ld      r31,0(r3)
    0x000000001001ff04 <+164>:	ld      r30,0(r31)
    0x000000001001ff08 <+168>:	std     r2,40(r1)
    0x000000001001ff0c <+172>:	mtctr   r30
    0x000000001001ff10 <+176>:	ld      r2,8(r31)
    0x000000001001ff14 <+180>:	ld      r11,16(r31)
    0x000000001001ff18 <+184>:	bctrl
    0x000000001001ff1c <+188>:	ld      r2,40(r1)
    0x000000001001ff20 <+192>:	addi    r1,r1,128
    0x000000001001ff24 <+196>:	ld      r31,-8(r1)
    0x000000001001ff28 <+200>:	ld      r30,-16(r1)
    0x000000001001ff2c <+204>:	ld      r29,-24(r1)
    0x000000001001ff30 <+208>:	ld      r28,-32(r1)
    0x000000001001ff34 <+212>:	ld      r0,16(r1)
    0x000000001001ff38 <+216>:	mtlr    r0
    0x000000001001ff3c <+220>:	blr
End of assembler dump.

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