[fpc-devel] Github hosting of FPC utilities and [stable] sources

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Tue Oct 13 14:11:30 CEST 2020

Hello to All,

Again I would like to ask for a central GIT repo of FPC [stable] sources 
and FPC external utilities.


FPC [stable] sources.

On newest macOS, svn is no longer made available (by Xcode). Only git 
command line tools are installed.
To accommodate for this, I am hosting stable releases of FPC and Lazarus 
on Github.
FPC trunk versions of FPC and Lazarus are already available on Github.
On newest macOS, fpcupdeluxe can use these git repos to get the sources.

FPC external utilities.

Personally, I like to cross-compile. Its too much work to compile all 
OS-versions of fpcupdeluxe in all kinds of [virtual] machines.
To do this, tools are needed. And libraries.

I have just updated the tools to cross-compile towards macOS and iPhone. 
These tools do not need the dylibs anymore. Only the tbd-files are 
needed. This allows for crossing towards the latest macOS and iPhone 
versions, without needing Apple-protected dylibs.

I am also hosting OpenBSD binutils that can be compiled by MSYS2 (on 
Windows) and also easily on Linux and others. This makes crossing 
towards OpenBSD a breeze.

Naturally, fpcupdeluxe is a tool that should/could also be hosted in 
this repo. I am not the owner, just a maintainer.

Github makes cooperated maintenance of sources and tools very easy.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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