[fpc-devel] Stack misalignment?

C Western l at c-m-w.me.uk
Sat Feb 29 12:12:30 CET 2020

FPC version r44191 seems to be causing problems for a lazarus 
application – it crashes on exit, with a segmentation fault. This is 
x86_64 on linux, with the gtk2 widget set, and the crash occurs in one 
of the system gtk c library routines. If I am interpreting the gdb 
information correctly the issue seems to be a misaligned stack – the 
faulting instruction is MOVAPS involving a stack location. A little more 
probing with gdb suggests the misalignment is introduced in the 
InternalExit routine in the rtl.

I may not have diagnosed the underlying error correctly, but the crash 
after r44191 is certainly real – any thoughts on this? Any other tests I 
could try?


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