[fpc-devel] Problems building xtensa-freertos RTL in trunk

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Mon Apr 20 22:14:09 CEST 2020

Am 20.04.20 um 00:03 schrieb Michael Ring via fpc-devel:
> Thanks!
> Your commit is close, but not yet there...
> to make it work it was necessary for me to re-create the Makefiles, 
> arm-freertos was missing in the root makefile and some others, did you 
> rebuild fpcmake before using it?

Pierre recreated the makefiles already, so it should be fine, right?

> You also did not include the rtl/freertos/arm directory (I guess on 
> purpose, it is currently an evil clone of rtl/embedded/arm):

Ok. I added them.

> without that directory and it's content the build breaks. I checked if 
> you did some magic to re-use the rtl/embedded/arm directory but this 
> does not seem to be the case.

No, I applied the patch and forgot to add them.

> Currently it is also perhaps a good idea to have a new directory for 
> freertos compatible units, from what I know today I will have to change 
> the interrupt-names defined in the unitfiles to be CMSIS (and for that 
> FreeRTOS) compatible.
> This means that we will likely have to rename interrupt names like:
> PendSV_Interrupt
> to
> PendSV_Handler
> so that FreeRTOS can properly provide it's own routines for handling 
> SysTick, PendSV and SVCall Interrupt Handlers.


Another thing: some of the files miss a header, so the correct license. 
If some of them are made by you, can you please provide a header?

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