[fpc-devel] Problems building xtensa-freertos RTL in trunk

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Mon Apr 20 00:03:06 CEST 2020


Your commit is close, but not yet there...

to make it work it was necessary for me to re-create the Makefiles, 
arm-freertos was missing in the root makefile and some others, did you 
rebuild fpcmake before using it?

You also did not include the rtl/freertos/arm directory (I guess on 
purpose, it is currently an evil clone of rtl/embedded/arm):

without that directory and it's content the build breaks. I checked if 
you did some magic to re-use the rtl/embedded/arm directory but this 
does not seem to be the case.

Currently it is also perhaps a good idea to have a new directory for 
freertos compatible units, from what I know today I will have to change 
the interrupt-names defined in the unitfiles to be CMSIS (and for that 
FreeRTOS) compatible.

This means that we will likely have to rename interrupt names like:




so that FreeRTOS can properly provide it's own routines for handling 
SysTick, PendSV and SVCall Interrupt Handlers.

There may be other solutions to this problem, read somewhere that one 
can replace symbols in the linker step, but for the first version it 
would be good to have the changed units in trunk.

Here's a zip with the missing files:



Am 19.04.20 um 23:00 schrieb Florian Klämpfl:
> Am 19.04.20 um 17:25 schrieb Michael Ring via fpc-devel:
>> I have uploaded  my patch to:
>> http://temp.michael-ring.org/fpc-arm-freertos.patch
> I have committed it with a few changes, let's see how it works :)
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