[fpc-devel] Compiler development coding conventions

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Fri Nov 1 22:32:25 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

Is there a set of rules written anywhere in regards to how the compiler 
should be written?  I know, for example that try...finally is not 
allowed outside of the main block because of the performance impact.

I have a particular question... can I have custom operators? For 
example, for my jump optimisations, I mentioned the 'condition_in' 
function, but I wonder if seeing "if (a in b) then" instead of "if 
condition_in(a, b) then" would be much clearer for other programmers, 
especially since the operands aren't commutative.  It would require 
declaring "operator in (const subset: TAsmCond; const c: TAsmCond): 
Boolean" though.

Gareth aka. Kit

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