[fpc-devel] Closures repo

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Thu Mar 21 21:48:26 CET 2019

> On Mar 21, 2019, at 3:54 PM, Blaise Thorn <blaise at blaise.ru> wrote:
> FTR, the author automatically monitors this list for the keyword "closures”.

Then maybe he’ll hear this and respond. He’s been mentioned repeatedly over the months and years but I have no idea if he’s still there or abandoned the project.

>> From what I can tell most the work is already done
> IIRC, the last publicly available version lacks lifetime management support amongst other crucial stuff.
> FTR, the code is now used in production, which was not the case some time ago, and which helped in identifiying some additional issues.
> Should you be interested in writing tests, I could give you the acess.

So there’s a more recent version that’s being worked on? I’m happy to write tests or do anything else to just get this finished finally. Please tell me more.

From what I saw in that repo the captures are stored in an interfaced object which has reference counting right? Maybe expand on the lifetime management issues more.

	Ryan Joseph

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