[fpc-devel] Graphical RAD IDE in FPC

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:46:08 CEST 2018

On Monday 17 September 2018 05:51:17 Alexander via fpc-devel wrote:

> I try use of MSEide,gui beforehand Lasarus, but excellent result not get.
> Lasarus use non native for FPC widgets, MSE non stable work.
Can you be more specific? Reproducible MSEide+MSEgui bugs are normally fixed 
in hours or one to two days.

> Console FPC excellent work, but without graphics.
> Need more attention for RAD graphical environments from side FPC
> developers.
> Author MSE say that bad some **drivers**, but it need to more accurate
> test.
> I made http://soft.self-made-free.ru/ 'Birthdays reminder' on minimal
> set of possibles of MSE and it worn on this driver, but IDE on this driver
> work incorrect.
> May be say author about driver is wrong ?
Do you mean the "EXA pixmap acceleration" problem with Radeon and other 
opensource Linux graphic drivers? I was not able to find a bug or a 
workaround in MSEgui. The EXA acceleration system is not maintained it seems:

Please use the proprietary graphic driver for your graphic chip, it has been 
reported that they work well with MSEgui. Debugging Linux kernel modules and 
graphic drivers is out of my possibilities.

There are more "unsolvable" issues with drawing primitives, ex.

or with window managers. The Linux Mint team stole the show:
where the Cinnamon devels marked reports for bugs which already have been 
fixed in Gnome3 as spam.
Take a potion of popcorn and follow the links...

It looks to me that Linux desktop environment developers only check if Firefox 
works OK. If yes, all further reports are ignored or the reporters are 
treated as idiots. BTW, the Lazarus GTK widgetset probably also suffers from 
minimized -> normal windowstate issue in Cinnamon.
I don't have the time or nerves anymore to fight such battles, MSEide+MSEgui 
users must become active themselves.

Please don't answer to this mail, use the MSEide+MSEgui mailinglist instead:


Thanks, Martin

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