[fpc-devel] The 15k bounty: Optimizing executable speed for Linux x86 / LLVM

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 28 12:52:11 CET 2018

Simon Kissel <simon.kissel at nerdherrschaft.com> schrieb am So., 28. Okt.
2018, 12:46:

> Hi Florian,
> > But there is another pretty simple optimization opportunity in this
> > area: make the FPC heap manager capable of using
> > os-based memory reallocation. Kernel-based memory reallocation of
> > large blocks has the big advantage that the OS can
> > move the memory contents only by re-mapping memory pages.
> I fully agree that the memory manager for obvious reasons is
> an important subject, especially for heavily multithreaded code,
> and even more for any string stuff in such code. I haven't
> informed myself enough to judge how well the FPC memory manager
> behaves in this regard, and if it might make sense to try
> to use an alternative memory manager with FPC for Linux.
> However, being aware of that, we are avoiding reallocations
> wherever we can and instantiate pretty much every thing using
> own memory caches.

I think Florian was talking about the memory management inside the compiler


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