[fpc-devel] How do I go about volunteering as a "release builder", so that we can get rid of the objectively untrue, misleadingly worded "There is no native compiler available for x86_64 Win64. You have to use a cross-compiler" notice on the FPC website?

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 5 11:12:16 CET 2018

Am Mo., 5. Nov. 2018, 04:43 hat Ben Grasset <operator97 at gmail.com>

> I honestly have no idea. It's not an issue I've ever encountered, as I've
> literally never built Lazarus with a toolchain that wasn't 64 bit. It would
> seem to be the case though that it is indeed very possible (at some
> level/point) for it to consume that much memory.
> It's worth noting I guess that Lazbuild *does *invoke the FPC instances
> all at the same time, and by default uses the number of CPUs as the limit.
> It seems theoretically possible that if you had let's say 8 copies of
> specifically *32-bit* FPC running at the same time building Lazarus
> packages that they could hit a cap that wouldn't be hit with 64 bit
> binaries.

It doesn't for FPC itself whether it's running in parallel with 7 other FPC
processes. Each process has its 4 GB of address space (and with the correct
flag set in the PE that *really* are 4 GB on a 64 bit Windows) and only if
the OS would run out of memory there would be problems, but then this would
also be the case for a 64-bit FPC.

The only real problem would be if compiling and linking the final IDE would
use up too much memory (and as Florian said that would need to be
investigated anyway).


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