[fpc-devel] *** GMX Spamverdacht *** Re: Broken frac function in FPC3.1.1 / Windows x86_64

wkitty42 at windstream.net wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sat Apr 28 16:32:38 CEST 2018

On 04/28/2018 09:33 AM, Thorsten Engler wrote:
> I've attached the source (I'm using Delphi 10.2.3, 64bit to compile it) in
> case anyone wants to try it out on different cpus and with different
> alignments (change the {$CODEALIGN 1} and add nops to the XXX1 .. XXX8
> procedures to finetune alignment).

FWIW: i tried, with my old lazarus 1.6.1 and fpc 3.0.0, to convert the project 
to a lazarus project but it aborted with no real indication as to the problem... 
i didn't try with the (also old) trunk install i have... both are pretty old and 
i've forgotten how i set it all up with fpcup...

so i tried just compiling the lpr that did result from the conversion attempt... 
it looks to be valid source but the compile also failed... mainly for not being 
able to find System.Diagnostics...

maybe i'll muddle about with it later... i was just curious to see what this AMD 
FX Black FX8350 4Ghz 8-core CPU running linux would do...

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