[fpc-devel] Last call for 3.0.4 merges

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Jun 21 11:56:20 CEST 2017

In our previous episode, Michael Van Canneyt said:
> >> already merged. Only active ones matter.
> Reviewed some more lists:

It was last call for emergency revs the day before release branching, not
everything you could find :-)

Maybe I should have made that clearer. The changes of Nikolay e.g. are only
local to one package that isn't used that much.

The db changes have been vetted by lacak already and

> fcl-web:
> 35297,25563,35821


35821 is blocked uses 3.1.1 language features. (due to bug #32047 in the ini
handling of 3.0.2+ the warnings don't show up anymore it seems)

the others are about new packages that are then enabled for all OS the day
before branchpoint? Not really a good idea.

Nothing urgent.
> non-categorized:
> 31464,31467,31468,
> 32271,32326,32327,32332,32369,
> 33210,33363,33695,
> 34097,34238,34239,34240,34245,34475,34476,34481,34483,34484,34487,34489,34490,34493,34494,34495,
> 34501,34502,34505,34507,34511,34518,34683,34725,34817,34834,34847,34866,34868,34873,34874,34884,
> 34903,34905,34925,34968,34966,34968,34969,34970,34983,34986,34997,
> 35063,35331,35332,35333,35342,35356,35398,35422,35423,35467,35474,35517,35560,35598,
> 35601,35603,35611,35619,35620,35622,35624,35892,35901,35913,35946,35954,
> 36062,36214,36215,36274,36406

Also contains patches already rejected for 3.0.2 like the first ones.

There might be some cherry picking doable here, but is that really worth
delaying the release?

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