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Wed Feb 3 16:58:53 CET 2016


With fpc 3.0.0 supporting iso7185 mode I made contact to the people of standard pascal and the p4/p5 compilers and i like to forward their congratulations to you:

> It looks good now, the differences are allowed by the standard (precision, case).
> I'll try to formalize the results and put them up on the www.standardpascal.org
> web site.
> I'll try to compile P5 with it this weekend. If that works out, I'll modify the configure
> script to use fpc as an alternate host compiler.
> I recommend you use an option such as -Miso7185. ISO refers to a lot of standards,
> including other Pascal standards.
> Congratulations on FPC compliance with ISO 7185! Please carry my congradulations
> to all the crew who worked on that.
> Scott Franco

With the current status of gpc, fpc has become a much valued alternative, for example for bootstrapping p4/p5.

How about his suggestion about renaming the mode to iso7185? Too late?

How about calling ExtendedPascal iso10206 instead of extpas?

Michael Schindler
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