[fpc-devel] Improved RTTI compromise

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 8 00:03:33 CET 2016

Am 07.12.2016 11:31 schrieb "Maciej Izak" <hnb.code at gmail.com>:
>> Okay then, maybe I'll manage that this week (no promise though ;) ).
>> I personally think that removing TRttiContext for now is the better
>> choice, so people will know not to use it while they might expect valid
>> values in the other case...
> I am waiting :P. Sure, feel free to remove TRttiContext. IMO almost
empty TRttiContext has not many sense yet.

I've got the Rtti unit itself ready, but I still need/want to convert
Joost's test to FPC's test framework.
Also I've left the TRttiContext, cause it turned out that it's required for
keeping track of created type instances as one doesn't free them after

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